How to keep your satellite dish discreet?

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29th January 2018
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22nd August 2018
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How to keep your satellite dish discreet?

You may be vary of installing a satellite dish, the thought of have a great big dish fixed to the front of your house isn’t ideal. You’ve been searching and searching for an alternative but you’ve been unable? Well here at Digital Satellite Service we are able to give you tips on how to discreetly fix your dish, so that you are unashamed by it stuck to your house.

 Use the chimney

 Not everyone is fortunate to be able to use this to their advantage, however if your house does have a chimney then this could be the most effective way of hiding the dish. You will need to have the right chimney to roof angle combination to enable the dish to be hidden, although this still may not be the right combination for the fish to receive the best signal.

 Pole Mounted

With this technique it gives you the ability to either go high or low, the mount provides the base for the dish and then depending on where the signal is coming from you can choose the height of the dish. With a pole you are able to fix it to where you like around the property, signal permitted.  The pole needs to be securely fixed in the ground so it is unable to be moved from the wind, if you are installing the dish yourself you need to double, triple check that the position where the pole is will pick up a signal and this can be found with a compass and inclinometer. Because once the concrete is put in there is no going back!

It’s annoying when you have trouble with your aerial or system and this will limit your enjoyment of watching television. That being the case, when problems arise you want them to be resolved as soon as

Install Low

 You usually don’t see dishes at a low point of the house, because obstacles usually make it unachievable to do so. Some of the obstacles could be trees, fences or buildings, if you feel strongly about putting the dish low ask the installer before trying to remove this just in case the installation position is not possible.

Families with small children or pets may also not find this the best position to place as blocking of the dish will prevent the dish from picking up the best signal.


Yes, it’s true! Satellite dishes can be painted. Look around the shops for the best paint suitable, you will want to match the colour of the exterior walls so try and have an idea what colour that is. There is also special paint available that will recreate a camouflage look or you could create your own style onto the dish, maybe a smiley face or the badge of your favourite sports team!

If you’re experiencing the struggle of trying to hide your satellite dish and need advice on this situation, we can offer you that and more. Just contact us or call 01795665977.

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