The Most Common TV Aerial Repairs

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30th November 2018
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The Most Common TV Aerial Repairs

Common TV Aerial Problems That Require Repair

Television is something that we all use every day. This is why when something goes wrong that disturbs your viewing time, it can be incredibly frustrating. You may seem to have a perfectly working TV signal with great reception, but your TV aerial problems could be just around the corner. You can prevent this by using our TV aerial repair & maintenance service in Kent. Here is our rundown of the Common TV Aerial Problems That Require Repair.


Everyone’s seen it at some point in their television viewing time. A double image of whatever is on your screen that is infuriating to watch, making your favourite programmes unwatchable. This is a quite common issue, known as ‘ghosting’, but do not fear, this isn’t an effect of the supernatural. This is when your TV signal is being reflected from a large building nearby and can easily be sorted by our team of qualified and experienced engineers who are able to maintain, repair and fix TV aerials even at the trickiest heights.

Weak Signal

Perhaps the most common issue is not receiving a full picture or sound, otherwise known as a weak TV signal. You may be located too far from the TV station or it could be as simple as a large hill in the way. This can easily be solved by our TV aerial engineers in Kent, by reinstalling a higher TV aerial or even using a booster to get a stronger TV signal.

Electrical Interference

If you are noticing a weaker reception at some points in the day, some of the electrical appliances in your home could be interfering with your TV signal. Eliminating these appliances can be easy, by turning on and off each of your electrical items one by one until you deduce which one is causing the interferences. However, more permanent appliances such as your thermostat or freezers can be more difficult to fix and may require a professional TV aerial repair & maintenance service.

Cable Deterioration

Another common cause of bad TV reception is damage to the cables attaching your aerial to the television. Over time, the casing of the cable erodes and wears away. Water, dust and other contaminants can enter the cable and disturb the signal, causing a grainy or pixelated picture. By calling a local TV aerial engineer in Kent, you can have these cables replaced and get your signal looking good again.

The Aerial

Aerials are exposed to all the varying weather conditions throughout the year and over time this takes its toll. It can be corroded, rusted or even parts gone missing. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the aerial completely.

If you are experiencing problems with your television, these common problems can be resolved with Digital Satellite and Aerial Services Ltd. For more information on TV aerial repair & maintenance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01795 665977 today. Alternatively, you can contact us on our website, or email us

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