CCTV Installation Kent

Who is watching your house when you are not there? Make sure the answer is you – have a bespoke home CCTV system installed by us here at Digital Satellite and Aerial Services Ltd, the experts at CCTV installations in Kent.

Digital Satellite cctv cameras

We can install a bespoke home CCTV system fitted to your requirements to meet your needs. Our skilled installation teams have extensive experience in the supply and fit of domestic CCTV security systems for properties in Kent and have a range of affordable solutions waiting for you.

Here at Digital Satellite and Aerial Services Ltd, we give you access to the very latest home security solutions, offering total control from the palm of your hand. Our modern and technically savvy CCTV installations enable you to view live footage from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, giving you instant images of what is happening at your house.

All of our systems are CCTV network compatible for ease and simplicity for your peace of mind.

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At the cutting-edge of CCTV technology, we can install the latest AHD cameras as part of your home security solution. AHD CCTV Cameras offer the finest Analogue High Definition video surveillance, giving you clear sharp images at a very affordable price.

This revolutionary technology is designed to help you protect your loved ones, your possessions, and your valuables, giving you peace of mind when you are on holiday, at work, or away from your property. AHD CCTV offers a new level of HD quality, with unbelievable streaming and real-time viewing available wherever you are.

VoiceOff CCTV Installations in Kent

In support of your CCTV network, we also offer the unique VoiceOff home security system. This programmable audio alarm system connects to your home’s CCTV network system acting as an audible deterrent to trespassers at your property. Whether you want to deter, warn or inform, you can programme the system with thousands of sounds, including the realistic noise of a police car which is indistinguishable from the real thing. Used in conjunction with HD CCTV, The VoiceOff is the perfect security partner.


Regulation and law compliant CCTV Systems

When installing a new CCTV system it is important you adhere to the law and all industry regulations. Unbelievably, up to 80% of home systems sold are not fit for purpose or they do not comply with the law. This can lead to problems with the CCTV images captured not of good enough quality to use in a court of law.

We always ensure your CCTV meets all necessary requirements. Have a bespoke solution installed by us and not only is it legal, it captures exceptional images. What’s more, we cover all of our systems with a one year guarantee and cover plans are available for all satellite and CCTV equipment – take a look at our cover plans page for more detail.

Digital Satellite and Aerials Services Ltd specialise in the installation of CCTV systems in homes throughout Kent. We will discuss all requirements to suit your home before designing a bespoke system that’s perfect for you. Please contact us for a FREE quotation today and call 01795 665977 straight away.