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What is different between 720P vs 1080P  Cameras

When you are selecting High definition Analog cameras, it is important to ensure that you know the differences that exist between the different  types of HD security camera system. Another thing you need to factor  in is that there are two levels of  resolutions  you can select from. The two main levels of resolution include the 1080P or 720P camera systems. The differences  between the two are very familiar to any person who has had experience with them in their home or business because the differences can be seen. This article offers you some of the major differences between 720P VS 1080P security camera system.


One  of  the  major differences between the two is that the 1080P cameras have two times the resolution i.e. pixels you get in 720P.
A 1080P has 1920 by 1080 resolution or 2.07 MP. On the other hand, a 720P camera resolution has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or
1 MP. As a result many people consider that a 1080P camera system is equal to two 720P cameras.


Another difference you will realize with 720P

Is in terms of performance. The performance of the two camera system  differ especially because of the resolution. The difference in resolution as shown above makes the two cameras have functional differences too. The 1080P cameras have better functioning because they produce clearer pictures compared to the 720P  cameras. This is one of the factors that make many  people found  it worth  investing  in 1080P camera  systems  despite their
high price because of the better experience that they provide.


1080P camera systems place higher demand on bandwidth compared to 720P because of the difference in terms of resolution. This happens because high resolutions camera systems have place higher demand on the bandwidth that the camera systems that have low resolutions.


One of the major different between 1080P  and the 720P  model is that the 1080 P camera is more costly. The larger types may also
cost even more, but it is worth to make the investment because they have better resolution. However for the larger versions it is easy
to notice the difference because the 1080P is clearer and sharper, thus given better experience compared to the 720P.

Some other things you need to know

In addition,  you  may  want to have a feel of both resolutions in order to make a comparison and make the best decision during the buying process. It  is  also  good to note that there are different types of both 1080P and 720P camera systems, so it is important to
know  the  specific  type  that  you want. This  is  why  it  is important to gain more information from a professional installer before you purchase.

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