Five Reasons Why Installing CCTV Cameras is Beneficial to Your Business

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22nd August 2018
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Five Reasons Why Installing CCTV Cameras is Beneficial to Your Business

Are you on the proverbial security fence, still querying whether installing CCTV cameras in your business premises is a good idea? Perhaps you’re wondering if the installation is a prudent commercial expense? Maybe you believe that the likelihood of falling victim to burglary is minute. Or maybe, with a fully-alarmed and securely locked premises, you believe your commercial premises to be well-protected.

Before your attention is turned elsewhere and you decide that CCTV installations are not for you, why not spend a few minutes to read our article which outlines five reasons why installing CCTV is beneficial to your business.

But, before you continue reading, consider this: video surveillance – or CCTV – is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide deterrent security to your workplace. Modern technology has advanced exponentially over the last two decades and the security industry has benefitted greatly from innovation, with companies bringing new innovate technology to market.

New CCTV cameras have replaced old analogue models and provided a drastic improvement in picture and sound quality – not to mention offering real-time remote video surveillance.

Now, that we’ve noted how far CCTV services in Kent – and throughout the UK – have improved over recent times, let’s look at the compelling reasons why installing CCTV cameras is beneficial to your business.

Reduced Risk and Cost

As technology has evolved, so too has its general affordability. Decades ago, CCTV installation in Kent – or anywhere else in the UK – was costly. Not only that, given the technology was in its infancy there ware a greater chance of CCTV cameras developing faults.

That aside, capabilities were somewhat limited. Many CCTV cameras remained in fixed positions, meaning that despite business owners’ determination to protect their assets, cameras could not offer a 360-degree view of their premises.

Thanks to advancements in technology CCTV cameras are today HD ready, can offer a comprehensive view of all angles of the premises,provide real-time images 24-hours a day, and be monitored remotely online.

Superior Security Solutions

A well thought-out and meticulously-designed CCTV installations makes it practically impossible for all aspects of your commercial premises to not be protected. Add multiple cameras with swivel capabilities makes it easy to keep an eye on vulnerable areas of your premises.

24-hour monitoring is not hampered by human errors, such as the any batteries not being replaced, the lens being incorrectly angled – or the viewpoint hampered by protruding building or landscape aspects. Remote access also allows for recordings to be monitored from a different location – something that’s both safe and convenient for business owners.

Illegal and Poor Behaviour Deterrent

It cannot be argued that commercial CCTV installations of large-scale commercial properties are not a notable crime deterrent. With technology improving all the time – and criminals being aware of this, it can be argued that today’s CCTV cameras are a greater deterrent than ever before.

Indeed, the very presence of cameras, clearly noticeable on business premises, is often enough to deter criminals. In addition, should you suspect that one or more employees are engaging in behaviour that damages your business, the presence of any CCTV installation Kent will deter them from harming your business.

Prevent Safety Incidents

Yet another reason to install CCTV cameras is their tremendous record in preventing safety incidents. Cameras can be installed in high-risk or accident-prone areas in both the interior and exterior of your commercial premises.

This can include areas at risk of fire, or where heavy machinery is location. You can even have CCTV installations in areas of high foot traffic or in product storerooms. This allows you to safeguard your business and your employees. In the event of a safety incident with no witnesses, all you need to do is to review the footage to get an accurate assessment of what happened.

Police Assistance

The final reason why commercial CCTV installation Kent is sound commercial practice is its ability to assist law enforcement in the event of a crime being committed. Should your businesses fall victim to a crime, police can review the footage and form an accurate picture of the crime that was committed, and when and how it occurred.

Should the police wish to question a person caught on CCTV who is not one of your employees, they can release that footage to the public in the home of locating the individual in question.

So, there you have it, five reasons why installing CCTV is beneficial to your business. Want to learn more about protecting your business by installing CCTV? Contact Digital Satellite Service today on: 01795 665977 to learn more.

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