Five Reasons to Install a Home CCTV System

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24th April 2018
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Five Reasons to Install a Home CCTV System

Home CCTV systems have grown more and more visible over the last decade – and given the assurance that they provide homeowners, it’s not hard to see why.

Installing strategically-placed cameras to collect round-the-clock footage gives homeowners peace of mind that they have taken a highly-effective security measure that will keep themselves and their homes protected.

As one of the most cost-effective home security measures you can take, installing home closed circuit television cameras provide this degree of security and assurance for an affordable cost.

Are you weighing up the merits of installing a home CCTV system and are yet undecided? Well, perhaps these five key benefits will sway your opinion, or give you the final push needed to finally install that CCTV system.

Monitor Your Entire Property

One of the more noticeable benefits of installing a CCTV system is that they allow you to monitor all areas of the exterior of your property from the comfort of a secure room in your house. Cameras can be installed in various blind spots throughout your home, allowing you to monitor what you otherwise couldn’t – safely.

Should you be startled by an unusual or loud noise, you don’t need to risk your safety by venturing outside. You’ll be able to quickly and comprehensively scan your entire property – never having to leave the room.

Not only that, if you have a knock at the door late at night and you’re unsure who it could be, you can quickly identify the person. This can be particularly useful to vulnerable people or those that like alone.

Insurance Deductions

Now financial gain may not be the sole motivator behind installing a CCTV system, however any financial gain you could achieve by adding an additional security measure to your home is surely a bonus!

Having impressive security features throughput your home can have a significant impact on insurance premiums. In taking appropriate security measures to protect your home, you are, consequently, reducing the likelihood that you’ll be making an insurance claim in the future. This can encourage your insurance provider to reduce policy costs – allowing you to keep money in your pocket.

Visual Crime Deterrent

CCTV is a great way to visually deter unwanted intrusion to your property – especially to those people determined to enter your home for nefarious purposes. Clearly displayed CCTV cameras and warning signs will keep your property safe and secure.

The threat of being easily and clearly exposed is often enough to dissuade any unwanted intruders from entering your property. Advertise your CCTV measures and install CCTV cameras in a clear place and you will deter potential intrusion.

Identify Intruders

Following on from our previous benefit if, despite all the warnings and clearly identifiable CCTV cameras does not deter intruders, their actions in and around your property can be clearly recorded with ease.

In the worse-case scenario, should your home be burglarised and the thieves caught on CCTV, you can hand the footage over to police who may be able to immediately identify the perpetrator if they have a criminal record or allow police to open an investigation with a clear image of the perpetrator.

Minimal Maintenance

The last benefit to installing CCTV cameras in your home is that they require minimal maintenance. You won’t have to invest much time or money consistently keeping your home protected.

Most CCTV will run for years and years without needing any maintenance. All you need to do is to occasionally wipe the camera screen or make sure that it’s still recording and that’s it! Should you need to resolve any issues, or if routine maintenance is required, you need only contact a professional CCTV company and they’ll be able to assist you.

So, there you have it, five clear reasons to install a CCTV system in your home. If you’re still sat on the fence wondering if it’s worth the investment, perhaps it’s time you looked at the clear benefits and decided!

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